End of Year Campaign

A fundraising campaign for Demo Group

People of all ages and abilities have equitable access to achieve optimal quality health, affordable housing and meaningful community life.


The mission of the Demo Group is to partner with people of all ages and abilities and those who support them in the community to achieve their aspirations for independence, health and meaningful community life.

By supporting our growing eBook library, you can help provide more books to the community in an easier to access format.

Thanks to your help we've hit 25%!

August 10, 2016

Supporters - WOW! You're incredible! We couldn't do the amazing work we're able to do without your unending help and support, so THANK YOU! We've got 30 days left in the campaign and still have a ways to go, but we know we can get there! Have you considered joining one of our fundraising teams or acting as a fundraising champion? Our top team and fundraising champion not only get the bragging rights for being wonderful, but will also receive a free pair of ticket to our end of year gala! The campaign closes when the ball drops on New Years Eve, so there is still plenty of time to compete! Thanks again for all of your support!

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